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Thursday, 20 March 2014

It's all part of the process

bodice panels:
Used the same original pattern for this as I did Anna's winter dress, and make a few changes. 
Then did a quick fitting just to make sure it is all perfect! 

stitched together for a toile:

the toile only needed a little bit of adjusting... 

My interpretation of  Anna's detailed bodice...
I drew this up and will use as a guide for the embroidery:

for the bodice I have decided to use velvet like my other dress... 
and for this skirt I'm going to be making it out of satin backed crape since I want a heavy look but still have it twirl and flow as Anna's does... but still hold it's shape!

I'll be making a pattern for the skirt over the petty-coat soon... then do some fabric shopping!! 

This is the petty-coat:

I found I had enough velvet left over for this bodice too... was super thrilled!

after prepping the interfacing to the velvet I had to trim it back so it is perfect... see the difference?
left: trimmed. right: not trimmed.

all the panels are cut, prepped and trimmed back all ready to sew together!

Lining & Outer Velvet

and here I am creating the loops that the lacing will go through at the back...
using graft paper makes it so much easier!