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About Me

Hello, I'm Rose!

I am 15 years old. I am the second youngest, one of five. I Live in NSW Australia!

I am a Jesus loving Christian!
Exploring and developing the gifts, talents and interests he has given me!

I am not heaps academic. (not at all actually!) much proffer the creative side of things...   

This blog is to journal my creations! My favourite things to sew are historical/period 'clothes' (not costumes! that is one thing I abhor... "Historical Costumes" Oh NO!  - haha) 

Things I like to do: sewing, drawing, singing, dancing, acting, horse riding, spending time with friends and family, letter writing, watching period dramas, talking, having fun, walking through country side! ...and basically pretending I live a few centuries back... 
I know... one of those "Christian Home-schooling Freaks" haha!

I hope you enjoy me blog!

Rose xx

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