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Friday, 28 February 2014

Embroidery time

I do have a Janome Memory craft embroidery machine... 
but it is quite old now and doesn't have the technology for me to put new patterns onto it... which would have been really handy right now for... I have to do this by hand

I sketched out a pattern that would fit my bodice...
and started stitching!

I sat through a few cricket matches to get through this! 
Anna does also have embroidery on the shoulders of this bodice... but I just decided to give them a miss

I was pretty happy with this result!

The Bodice

More of Anna's dress...

I started with just this:
  Basic princess line bodice pattern

after it's been body mapped and fitted to me...

these are the panels now

I had some black velvet and I thought that would be perfect for this!!

the lining

Now sewing it all together!

Transition Corset

This one was inspired by Lydia and Kitty's in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice


This was my first attempt


It was good. It worked and all that, I made a dress for it and everything...
But it wasn't very detailed and I thought since I've already got the pattern I first created for this one...
I'll make another!

(I realized after taking these photos that I actually had it laced very loosely... which really gives it not as good an effect. But you can see how there is much more detail in this than my first attempt.) 


 my little Elizabeth Rose tag

for this corset I hand sewed the eyelets just for a more authentic look

So that's it! My second attempt at the transition corset.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Transition Dress

New Coat Rack

I recently bought myself a coat rack. My creations were becoming too numerous that the wardrobes of my mum and sister where getting taken over! 

Re-reading Pride & Prejudice 

one feels so old fashioned when sitting on and being surrounded by these sorts of things...


I was pretty much obsessed with Tangled when I first saw it!
I memorized (and still know) basically the entire film...
and I just wanted to be Rapunzel!

This was like a few years ago and I really didn't know how to sew heaps well then.
- BUT - I wanted to be this Disney Princess so much that I was determined to create her dress!

The whole process took me months! 
It had to be perfect. So I was watching the movie heaps, looking up Google images, 
seeing what others had done, figuring out how to make this and that work etc.

And in the end I decided to have a Disney party because I had put all this work in to this gown which if not having an occasion to wear it would have been quite pointless...

dying the bodice fabric
Before // After

How I did the sleeves

The bodice all put together.

These are some photos of a shoot we did!

at my party
Sleeping beauty and Rapunzel (my sister and I)
I made here an Bria Rose out fit!

Mother Gothel

I was so happy with it!
But know looking back I with I could re-do it... I've learned so much over this past year that I could make it exactly like Rapunzle's now (even though she is an animated character)
That is why I'm so excited for my Anna dress. ITS MY SECOND CHANCE!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Thought this was pretty!
I wish my costume wardrobe was colour co-ordinated   

Cutting out patterns

I went to Vinnies yesterday and found a bunch of patterns... 
10 cents each! Though they are quite "dated" 
They'll be great for using/altering things in the old fashion world!

and here I am cutting out a pattern I may use for Anna's dress blouse!

pattern 2 is what I'm adjusting...
I'm going to do a toile of it first to see how to change it.
wont make the sleeve quite so puffy, no gathering at the chest, and not the buttons down the front etc.