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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Skirt Ironing...

Well, I guess I did not quite realize just how much time and effort
there was going to be in making a skirt like this...
This is the skirt laid out.

The difference between a garment that looks
"professional" and one that looks "home-made" is majorly the pressing of it! 
Ironing makes such a difference. It is so important to iron EVERYTHING and correctly...

This took me AGES!
and I decided to just do it on the floor, that way it had no where to fall! haha!   

the under side all ironed...

...a few days ago I got the last few things I needed for this project from Spot Light
 including the green fabric for the center panels!

the skirt is looking great now, all the pressing is basically complete...
Things still to be done are: measure and stitch hem, and make pattern and sew sleeves!
looking forward to finishing this project, doing a photo shoot and sharing it with you guys!!

have fun sewing!
Rose xx