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Monday, 3 March 2014

Making Progress

The blouse is looking good!
I've sewn it together and
here I am sewing the embellishments on the collar, cuffs and down the center 

to get the front middle design looking right I decided that I was going to have it open at the back with buttons to do it up instead of trying to hide them underneath the embroidery thing-y!

for the sleeve cuffs I'm covering buttons

and for the back I'm using the buttons the fabric came with 
(since this material used to be a dooner cover, which I found at my local opp shop! 
and was so glad I have kept it for it is perfect for this project!!)

the buttons are covered.

It's almost complete!!

all that is left for me to do is:
stitch a loop for the cuff buttons, and sew up the cuff openings, 
re-hem the back button line and over lock the arm holes!