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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Next Project

You wont believe this...

...well, I wanted to make this one originally, but as I said...didn't have the fabric!
but you see, I have this petty-coat that I found at a Vinnies whilst on holidays one time (scored it for a bargin too!) and I've still not made a dress for it... and this is PERFECT!

So what about my fabric problem? I can't really find sheets made out of those colours in the fabric type it is...I also don't want to spent heaps, it wouldn't be the cheapest dress to make!
Well, I asked dad if it could be for a "school project" and if he'll pay - he said sure -
...there is always a way...

So I've done some studying of the gown. This one was the best re-creation I've found!

I drew up my sketch...

You can see I'm doing lacing for the back.
 Anna actually has embroidery with no opening at the back, but I want a tight fitting bodice...
and that you can't achieve so easily with just a zipper down the side!

...if you can't get it looking exactly like the film's (since she is actually an animation) 
just make it look good! Is what I say...

here are some images I found to help me! 

I'll be hand sewing this embroidery!

Basically my reaction to my starting the process of making this dress...

I've started on the toile pattern... Oooh it's on its way!