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Thursday, 20 March 2014

It's all part of the process

bodice panels:
Used the same original pattern for this as I did Anna's winter dress, and make a few changes. 
Then did a quick fitting just to make sure it is all perfect! 

stitched together for a toile:

the toile only needed a little bit of adjusting... 

My interpretation of  Anna's detailed bodice...
I drew this up and will use as a guide for the embroidery:

for the bodice I have decided to use velvet like my other dress... 
and for this skirt I'm going to be making it out of satin backed crape since I want a heavy look but still have it twirl and flow as Anna's does... but still hold it's shape!

I'll be making a pattern for the skirt over the petty-coat soon... then do some fabric shopping!! 

This is the petty-coat:

I found I had enough velvet left over for this bodice too... was super thrilled!

after prepping the interfacing to the velvet I had to trim it back so it is perfect... see the difference?
left: trimmed. right: not trimmed.

all the panels are cut, prepped and trimmed back all ready to sew together!

Lining & Outer Velvet

and here I am creating the loops that the lacing will go through at the back...
using graft paper makes it so much easier!


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Next Project

You wont believe this...

...well, I wanted to make this one originally, but as I said...didn't have the fabric!
but you see, I have this petty-coat that I found at a Vinnies whilst on holidays one time (scored it for a bargin too!) and I've still not made a dress for it... and this is PERFECT!

So what about my fabric problem? I can't really find sheets made out of those colours in the fabric type it is...I also don't want to spent heaps, it wouldn't be the cheapest dress to make!
Well, I asked dad if it could be for a "school project" and if he'll pay - he said sure -
...there is always a way...

So I've done some studying of the gown. This one was the best re-creation I've found!

I drew up my sketch...

You can see I'm doing lacing for the back.
 Anna actually has embroidery with no opening at the back, but I want a tight fitting bodice...
and that you can't achieve so easily with just a zipper down the side!

...if you can't get it looking exactly like the film's (since she is actually an animation) 
just make it look good! Is what I say...

here are some images I found to help me! 

I'll be hand sewing this embroidery!

Basically my reaction to my starting the process of making this dress...

I've started on the toile pattern... Oooh it's on its way!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Anna Dress is Complete

I finished it the other day...
I am super happy with the end result!

here are some pictures of the patterns I made for it! 
First: the skirt

On the left side you can just see "center fold" written in blue...
 and on the right "4 +" that is to add 4 inches (and a 1.5 seam allowance) to the seams for the pleats

I've seen lots of "Anna dresses" people have created, on the internet...
and they have either gathered or make it a circle skirt. And its not. 

...see they are inverted box pleats on a A line paneled skirt.

Second: the bodice 
to get it nicely fitted and snug when wearing it I decided to lace the back just because it has the blouse underneath and it is velvet so already thick, I wanted it to have minimal bulk! 
So I put in black eyelets and ribbon! 

This is my drawing of the embroidery pattern I transferred to the bodice...

Those are my patterns!

here are a few shots (excuse the selfy) of it on me!!
hopefully there will be a proper photo shoot of the out fit soon!

and there it is... 
all using fabrics I already had! 



I so enjoy getting mail...
and look what came!

I've wanted to make some bloomers/drawer for a while now... 
I actually did try making my own and though they work, they aren't all that nice! thought it best to just get a pattern to start with! A friend of mine has this pattern (simplicity: 9769) So I thought it silly to buy the same because we can just share! I would like to make these bloomers and chemise

I've cut out the pattern. 
And as soon as I can next go to Vinnies I'll find my self some fabric for these!!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Making Progress

The blouse is looking good!
I've sewn it together and
here I am sewing the embellishments on the collar, cuffs and down the center 

to get the front middle design looking right I decided that I was going to have it open at the back with buttons to do it up instead of trying to hide them underneath the embroidery thing-y!

for the sleeve cuffs I'm covering buttons

and for the back I'm using the buttons the fabric came with 
(since this material used to be a dooner cover, which I found at my local opp shop! 
and was so glad I have kept it for it is perfect for this project!!)

the buttons are covered.

It's almost complete!!

all that is left for me to do is:
stitch a loop for the cuff buttons, and sew up the cuff openings, 
re-hem the back button line and over lock the arm holes!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Blouse

Working on Anna's blouse now...
this is the fabric for it!

after the toile of the blouse these are the panels for it... 

all cut now!