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Saturday, 12 July 2014


After many weeks of preparation, research and LOTS of sewing - it is complete! WOOHOO
Another delightful time shooting these pics... hope you like them!

hair and ribbons

"...and I know it is totally crazy..."

"for the first time in forever...

...I'll be dancing through the night!"

"Please. Please. I can't live like this any more...!"

"Elsa - STOP!"

This is probably my favourite shot of the day... 
big THANK YOU to my wonderful friend Bethany - and her camera -  

That is another project complete! I've learnt much from making this dress... and am so thrilled I had a go at re-creating the garment (its such fun to wear) and now I have two pieces from a single Disney film! I'm super happy with the result and I don't regret dyed my hair for it either (even if it didn't end up being a wash out )

Hmm??? I wonder what I'll be making next...

Let me know what you think of it!

                      Rose // Anna xx

Photo Shoot - Anna Style

FINALLY- here are proper pictures of Anna's Winter dress // FROZEN - enjoy...

The back laced up.

"We leave now... right now!" (*giggling* -haha)

(Laura Ingalls???) 

detail of the embroidery and the skirt's pleats...

the cuff and skirt hem (with petty-coat)

Let me know what you think! 

Rose xx