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Tuesday, 28 July 2015



The hoop I started with...
a regular, kinda A-line hoop skirt.
but I was after the silhouette of more 1820-30's called an elliptical hoop

I took the top two hoops apart. 
Started pinning it together in the shape I desired.
NOTE: this took a day or two to figure out measurements and techniques, pinning and re-pinning again and again to get it right BUT!! I finally got my shape!

here is what it looked like with a random petty-coat I had draped over it...
(just checking the shape)

Took multiple pictures. Measured every part of it and copied those measurement to my sketched image so as to be able to replica it exactly how I wanted it in the actual materials.

Covered the wire hoops with cotton twill tape (of which I bought 18 meters)

Pined it together and tried it on to make sure that was how I liked it!!

YES! Really pleased.
Never have I worked with hoop wire, or making any type or "object" (as apposed to just fabric) it was a challenge to configure this shape. And with no experience or hands-on advise or help... 
the internet and Google Images was, again, my best friend!!
(Now, of cause this is only the top half of the hoop cage AND unfortunately is only pinned at this point... so that'll be a lot of hand stitching!!)

Ooh exciting times. It has been too long since I've been captivated by creating!! I continue to look forward to a beautiful ball gown (though its is months n months away) BUT remember to enjoy the process and the journey getting there...

                                                                                                     Rose xx

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