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Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Dream is a Wish...

It for sure is every little girls dream to be a princess and dance in a magnificent ball gown like Cinderella's! And for me, well, I guess in short... I've just never grown up!

Sandy Powell has out done herself again! (I was a huge fan of her work in "The Young Victoria")
She truly did bring the magical wonder of such an iconic fairy tale princess to life!! With such pressure to "get it right" in the eyes of EVERYONE. In my eyes she definitely got it right! (Thank 
you Disney!) 

I mean - LOOK AT THIS!!

A few weeks ago I drew up a few sketches and water-colours of a gown I would wish to "magically appear" (since I had made myself a mask)

...The Masquerade Rose...

but unfortunately it takes far longer to make than it does to imagine.
for if you look at the work not only in the dress its self but the under garments!!

the crinoline hoop frame

the hundreds of meters of frills sewn onto it!!! 

with all my searching I was unable to find any images of the corset she wore for the ball gown or her day dress (anything regarding "corset" led to "Oh how tiny her waist is" and nothing to do with design!)

Here is what I designed to be the frame work to my gown. 

I regret to say that these sketches were drawn quite a while ago and yet it seems a gown like this doesn't appear quite so swiftly as when a fairy-god-mother takes action! I don't know if I will ever make this. But half of the pleasure of something is looking forward to it. It maybe a while till I wear a ball gown like this... but nothing will stop me from looking forward to it!! 

Even though it is soooo super "corny" 
I do want to see things not only as they are, but as they could be.
"if you believe in courage, kindness and occasionally magic..."

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