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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Up Date

I've not posted in a while that would be for two main reasons...
I have been busy sewing and, well, I've simply not been bothered! (terrible I know!)

so here are a few snaps shots of what i'm up to with the Coronation Gown!

As you can see the bodice is complete.
The embroidery is done, the bias binding is on, at the back I've got the lacing and the modesty panel all that is left is the sleeves which I haven't got the fabric for yet...

I had a bit of a dilemma with the green under fabric... 
I bought it on line and this is the colour I received in the mail:

YEP. I bought like 8 meters of this... VERY BRIGHT GREEN! 
I couldn't use it. No. I just couldn't.
thankfully my sewing tutor helped me out a bit by ordering me another colour from one of her fabric suppliers she had samples so I got to see exactly what the colour was going to be... MUCH BETTER! 

so what will I do with all the other fabric you may ask??? Well, I think I might make a Downton Abbey/Titanic style dress... see with some sort of black lace, and beading etc. it wouldn't look too bad!
(but one project at a time here!)

and this is some more additions to my scrap book of this project!

I have also been working on my own re-creation of Lizzy Bennet's brown dress: 2005 Pride & Prejudice
Also a Victorian style dress of my own design
and a few other projects - pictures to come soon (hopefully)