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Thursday, 29 May 2014

An Afternoon Wonder

I just decided to wear this dress yesterday morning. 
No particular reason, just coz I wanted to... that afternoon... 
I had no engagements so I thought it a wonderful idea to go for little walk!  

the horses came for some tasty carrots and apples...

(unfortunately these shots aren't all completely focused... 
its hard to take a pic when the horses are trying to eat your iPhone!) 

this sketch was actually originally drawn on the 15th of February this year (2014) 
It has taken me quite a bit of time till I eventually got around to creating the garment...

These images I found most helpful when studying how to re-create this piece.
Of course it is basically impossible to get it exact, since obviously I'm not the original maker/designer, I don't have the same fabric/budget and... I'm not Keira Knightley!

I found these two websites especially helpful for this project. 
And if you're interested in perhaps creating a gown inspired by the ones from this film... 
These sites are really good!

I would have proffered to make it out of fabric closer to Lizzy's but I was given it - and it still does the job pretty well, I'm very happy with it! Ideally though she has like a light weight, thin cotton sort of material where as mine is simply a synthetic chiffon kind of stuff... with a brown cotton sheet as the under/lining of the dress!

Pride and Prejudice 2005 is probably up there with my utmost favorite film for costuming! I do not know why... I just really like them! So hopefully in the near future I'll be able to make some more new gowns with ideas from this movie!

Rose xx