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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I was pretty much obsessed with Tangled when I first saw it!
I memorized (and still know) basically the entire film...
and I just wanted to be Rapunzel!

This was like a few years ago and I really didn't know how to sew heaps well then.
- BUT - I wanted to be this Disney Princess so much that I was determined to create her dress!

The whole process took me months! 
It had to be perfect. So I was watching the movie heaps, looking up Google images, 
seeing what others had done, figuring out how to make this and that work etc.

And in the end I decided to have a Disney party because I had put all this work in to this gown which if not having an occasion to wear it would have been quite pointless...

dying the bodice fabric
Before // After

How I did the sleeves

The bodice all put together.

These are some photos of a shoot we did!

at my party
Sleeping beauty and Rapunzel (my sister and I)
I made here an Bria Rose out fit!

Mother Gothel

I was so happy with it!
But know looking back I with I could re-do it... I've learned so much over this past year that I could make it exactly like Rapunzle's now (even though she is an animated character)
That is why I'm so excited for my Anna dress. ITS MY SECOND CHANCE!