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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Y E A R 1 2 F O R M A L

My first making of a formal gown!!

This is Taylor, a friend of mine. I know her form church and we dance together... 
She was almost finished school, studying for HSC and the formal was coming up and still she had purchased no dress!
She knew exactly what she wanted, which in some cases is fantastic when looking for a dress, but in this case it wasn't working in her favour - nothing was 'just right'...
she described the dress she wanted to me. said she couldn't find it anywhere so she would resign herself to a skirt I'd alter for her and she'd try to find a top for it, but the two piece thing wasn't her fave for her formal...

So I agreed to adjusting this skirt and said if she needed a top/bodice I'd be happy to make her one etc. but, whilst on holidays in Forster, I was lying on my bed sketching out what she had described to me... I had wanted to make a dress like this, since the style wasn't the most flattering for my body shape, hence had not created one yet. Tossing up the idea whether or not I should message her the pic and see if she'd like me to make it for her, I lay in bed wondering... I didn't want her to feel pressured into me having to make her this dress, and it wouldn't be cheap either! but I made up my mind... it was worth asking the question! So on to Face Book I got and sent her the sketch.


I waited in anticipation. When would she reply? What would she say?...
*beep* A message. From Taylor. She loved it. 
So a little nervously I replied. Saying I would be more than happy to making it if she wanted! (also relating that there was no pressure at all...) 

She said YES! (she also hoping that is wasn't out of obligation or pressure, me feeling like I had to make her this dress! so it was quite funny that actually we both really wanted to do this!!) there were a few changes she wanted to make. So she sent me some pictures and I did a second sketch design and sent it to her... it was completely 100% what she wanted!! discussing further on price, how much time I had to sew, buying fabric, fittings, her exam schedule etc. I had about three weeks after I got back home the next week from our family holiday... we had to get the first toile fitting done ASAP so I could begin!

It was a great experience! I learnt a lot and Taylor was really fantastic to work with. She knew exactly what she wanted, but at the same time completely trusted me that, even though I was only 15... I have had two years experience in couture, I knew what I was doing...   

The final fitting came around and we were both over the moon! It fitted perfectly, I was thrilled and it looked wonderful on her, she was thrilled!! 

November 12th: THE FORMAL DAY! My sister and I went to see her for the photos and... she looked stunning! Looking around at all the other girls in there dresses, they looking nice but, though I say it myself... Tay was quite the Belle of the Ball! 
It was the 'stand out' dress. Different but not wako or weird, but classy yet on trend, suited her perfectly!

Model and Designer 

The Final Sketch Design 

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to make this dress! It has been great, not just me learning more but from it I've been able to advertise myself and by business, I've decided to create. I have now started a Face Book: Elizabeth Rose Couture and have an Instagram: elizabethrosecouture Check them out!! 

What do yo think of the dress? how would you like a costume made, designed dress specifically fitted to your body and shape, completely you!???  

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