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Sunday, 2 November 2014

1950's Corset//Bra

I was given a bunch of hand made costumes, corsets and all that, beautifully made... and amongst the 18th century stays and medieval dresses, there was an authentic 50's corset!! 

The 1950's is such a pretty time for fashion, I am a fan of the 50's! and wanted to make an authentic dress of the time period (so I could be Maria from "The Sound of Music") and so I was stoked when I saw it!... an actual bra/corset from the time!!

it was many sizes too big for me, but I fitted it and then cut it up for a pattern (sadly, since I would have like to have kept it whole, but you gotta do what you gotta do... )

My verison:
made in one day.
pretty terribly sewn to be honest, not my usual 'couture eye-to-detail' but it works and... I just wanted to get it done and have it!! (I really need to work on my patients in situations like this)

 am now making plans for a camisole/chemise then... a dress!

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