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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Julie Andrews Would be Proud...

my dress made of curtains...

I've not posted in yonks! Reason being that, well, I have no excuses really only that I've not been photographing the work I've been up to... I have recently had a few enquirers of my talent and had a couple of jobs in altering peoples clothes/dresses and actually have a been hired to make a whole dress for some one, which I am pretty chuffed about!!

this dress here is what I made out of a stack of curtain fabric I was given... lovely for a nice winter dress (even though it is now Spring)! I think it is the best dresses I've ever made (sewing/technically wise) it fits so well and the pressing is gorgeous! I feel so good wearing it, its nice, simple and classy but can also be dressed up to me almost like a brides-maid-dress!

and the little shoes I found at an op-shop - $1

I wore it to an even called "Cherish" which is a production our church puts on every year for high-school aged girls all 'round the place... my sister and I were apart of the production, two dances (One which I choreographed - to the song LET IT GO demi version) and extras in the skit... SUCH FUN!
then after there is an after party with heaps of food, music and photo booth etc.  

CHERISH is always an awesome time... I can't wait for next year! 
So that's where I wore the dress (unfortunately I don't have any pic of it on me... yet)