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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

1790's Bodice

Finally I've been able to catch up with my imagination! I've sketched quite a few different gowns etc. that I'd like to make and this was one of them! When op-shopping I tried to restrain myself from looking through the sheets... but couldn't... when coming across a lovely floral dooner-cover and and deep green sheet that looked so good together - I couldn't (or wouldn't) pass up the opportunity to buy them when my imagination had already envisioned a lovely 1700's frock!

My sister and I have wanted me to make a bodice or over-coat with a little peplem/frill at the back... and this was perfect for it! 
When sketching this up I intended to have it fastened up at the front with hook and eyes but, in the process, decide to have it laced at the front with little hand sewn eyelets. Also the neck line didn't end up quite as circular as I would have liked, for my corset's straps would have been visible so I need to make another one! Haha! So in consequence it makes my shoulders look rather narrower... when I already don't have the broadest... but it looks lovely with a little fichu around the neck!

ALSO - I hand sewed the lot! 
I was inspired by the construction of this Riding Habit (I really enjoy this blog, she is so inspiring!) and the loveliness of the Saturday morning, to be out enjoying the sun with a needle and thread... feeling like I was accomplishing something! 
I don't know actually how historically accurate all the seams and techniques are but anywho!  


sewing the seam allowance to one side after stitching the back seams together...

what the stitch looks like on the outer... 

just a bit of calico to stiffen the front. pressed and basted.

starting to lining it.

used back stitch for seams, for putting the lining together used a fell stitch.

all the eyelets hand sewn...

Here are the pattern pieces.

the sleeve and peplem pattern.

I have decided to make the train/open-front-skirt thing (what ever you call it) detachable so I can wear it with or with out and different skirts etc. depending on whether I want it for working in the garden where I wouldn't want a too long, light coloured skirt but then, perhaps a little tea-party-picnic I'd proffer something a little different... you know!

look forward to having it completed and posting some pictures of the finished result!! Rose xx