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Monday, 16 June 2014

Four Minutes of Fame

Recently I performed in two eisteddfods for acting! I performed a four minute monologue in character... I was Lydia Bennet... of cause I wanted to be Lizzy, but this suited me better for the occasion and my age etc. My teacher said I make a very good Lydia - I'm not sure if that is a complement - haha!

They were on different days. One on Wednesday 4th of June, the next Sunday the 15th... my brothers and sister and a friend came to watch me at the second eisteddfod...
I wore my transition dress I made a while back, inspired by Kitty Bennet - which was perfect!

It was supper fun! I enjoyed every second of my four minutes with every ones eyes on me (yeah, I like the stage...)! Obviously I was nervous, but more excited nerves than freaking out nerves...

I was stocked when... in Sydney I got SECOND PLACE!

Then in the Lake Maquarie I was FIRST!

2nd at Sydney Eisteddfod, 1st at the next, then... THE OSCARS! haha
I look forward to what happens next!