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Sunday, 6 April 2014


This is my beautiful friend Ellie

She came over on the week end and she was my "doll"! 
I dressed her up in this gown I made last year... 
It was inspired by Cosette from Les Miserable! I made and wore if for a friend's "Heroines of Literature" party! Though I have a few photo's we didn't really do a full photo shoot and I've really wanted to put this up!

these are some shots of me that a friend took with her great camera!
(this is her blog: http://bethiquettes.blogspot.com.au/)

was so pleased I could take a few snap shots of this stunner!
(just taken with an iPhone)

the bonnet

(bit random but...) I fell in love with her shoulders! 
they are perfect shape for this time period! I know, who notices the shape of some one's shoulder/neck line... but through the 1800's in all those pictures/painting you see they have that curved shoulder line... it was the fashion! and hers are like that!

 She looked so pretty in this dress!

the back of the gown with sash and bow

this one was make from a dooner cover if I remember correctly...
It had a lovely design at the side so I used it for the skirt! 
Which makes it look less like it was just a bed cover!

I put in an invisible zip down the back (it did also have a hook and eye, but I had to re-do the zip since it broke and hadn't replaced the hook... after sewing in the new zipper) 

Thanks Ellie for a fantastic day! 
So loved having you for my model, you're welcome to be my model any time! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, Rose xx